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A man who is currently partnered and looking for friends with a man

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Age: 41, Orientation: gay, Height: 6' 00" (183 cm), Weight: 270 lbs (122 kg), Body Type: large, Ethnicity: white / european

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 USA  >>  Montana  >>  Lincoln County


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Howdy. We're just a couple of guys living an uncomplicated life in an old cabin deep in the Kootenai National Forest. We are perfectly content way out in the wilderness, far removed from the crazy modern world. No, we're not hardcore off-grid survivalists, nor do we live like the Amish, but we do enjoy old-fashioned things and we try to be somewhat prepared and self sufficient. Mostly it's the simple pleasures of a slower-paced life that are satisfying enough for us. Watching the woodland critters, enjoying the creek, drives through the forest in the old Jeep with the top down and doors off. The serenity of snowy winters are just as pleasurable to us as the mild summer days. We like cooking/BBQing out and enjoying morning and evenings sitting outside at the fire pit or by our creek. Absolutely love hot tubbing under the stars, especially with snow coming down. I like piddling with household projects, working in the yard, working on the Jeep. Very much enjoy older (50s through 90s) rock, pop, country music. I tend to enjoy music playing versus TV but also deeply value the quieter sounds of nature. Prefer antiques and old things over modern junk and consumerism. No interest in gay culture, mainstream entertainment/media or the latest trends. As much as we deeply cherish the solitude of being way out here in the forest there are times we'd like to share the beauty of it all with someone appreciative of how we live. Someone to share cookouts, conversation, drinks and relaxation around the fire or down by the creek. Someone to go do simple things with. Someone to do house/yard projects with. Someone just to be enjoyable, compatible company for the menial day-to-day bits of life. But we're not into wild, high-strung types or those who are wrapped up in the modern world. Most interested in mature guys, typically 40+, that are sensible, logical, and sharing our interests and ideals. Respectful, respectable, and responsible types with conservative values. Like a man with a pleasant personality, firm in his convictions, yet humble and conscientious of others and the world around him. Someone easy to please and low maintenance. Don't bother me if you can't live life outside of a rainbow-colored and Astroglide scented world. Pretty much here browsing just to pass time, as I have very low expectations of actually finding our kind of guys on these sort of apps/sites. In spite of my teetering on the edge of giving up I'm doing my best to keep a little hope alive because it would be nice to stumble upon someone that wants to put real effort into an eventual real world friendship/companionship with us. My ever-decreasing patience for the nonsense and generally weird shit I see on these sites, however, makes it a battle for me. I am a stand-offish type that is guarded and reserved until I'm sure of someone's intent. Pragmatic and even misanthropic in my ways, so first impressions are critically important to me. If your profile is empty, vague, extremely vulgar, your message is one word, a canned message, or you focus solely on looks or sex chat, then all you're doing is wasting my time. We're not seeking hookup sex with strangers, so coming at me like fresh meat in a singles bar is a turn-off. Have something of substance and interest to say, ya know!? My partner is an older man (71) and we have been together 12 years now. We're happily committed to each other and only interested in singles or couples that will enjoy and respect both of us as a couple. No games or strange bullshit will be tolerated.

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