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A man who is currently single and looking for intimate encounters with a man

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Age: 53, Orientation: bi, Height: 5' 11" (180 cm), Weight: 205 lbs (93 kg), Body Type: thick, Ethnicity: white / european

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 USA  >>  Alabama  >>  Montgomery County  >>  Montgomery

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Guess I wasn't given a choice. My oldest brother started messing with me in my sleep when I was 8 years old. After about the 3rd or 4th time, I "woke up" and told him to stop. He just changed tactics and made better use of me since I was awake and able to take orders. He was 14. My parents had divorced. So, I was always home alone. My brother would get home from football practice, take a shower and call me upstairs to suck him off. Again, I was 8, so I wasn't given a choice. He would just beat my ass if I have him any shit. I still felt only attracted to girls. Over the next month or so after this began, he brought 2 football buddies home after practice one afternoon. Scott and Brett we're good guys. I always looked up to them. They actually took the Vols to state champs their senior year. But this is 4 years earlier. Well, I figured they were just up there listening to music, but then I heard them popping towels and showering. I wasn't worried though because there was no way my brother would ever want his friends to know what he was doing to his little brother. Well, I was wrong. They called me upstairs and asked me to bring them beers out of the fridge. They were all naked when I got up there with their beers. Each made jokes about the other, but each one was kinda stroking on their own way. I left and went back down stairs. Scott came down without a towel and literally picked me up from behind and carried me upstairs. When I was put down, all 3 were standing around me with their hard frustrated dicks pointing in my face. Over the next hour, I was face fucked and ass fucked until each had cum inside me a few times. That repeatedly happened over the next 4 years a couple times a week. I had girl friends that I loved fucking. Then, I'd get calls from Scott and Brett to come over to their apartment after I took my girlfriends home. We would suck and fuck until 2 or 3 in the morning. That's why I'm bisexual. I was conditioned to be.

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There's so little action in Montgomery, so I hope to meet some cool truckers that I click with and can see when they pass through.

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