A community for gay men in the military and for those looking to meet them. Here you can meet gay men in the military for friendship, dating, or more!

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I am looking to meet a masculine military man. If you feel like like we are a match, feel free to
Recently single would like to get out a bit and meet new people. Would like to get into a new LTR
Chilled, sexy mature and adventurous Darwin man looking to meet other "men" not just for a good shag
Looking for work? Our area of Pa. is full of jobs for the natural gas related work. I have two rooms

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Chilled, sexy mature and adventurous Darwin man looking to meet other "men" not just for a good shag
I love uniiforms and i would be honored to get military friends
Real men
I’m an Army veteran.
I served eleven years in the Air-force and connect with others who are veterans
Looking for mil
I'm not military, but I hope you are! Looking for friendship, dating and maybe more.
Ex-Navy and deeply appreciate the service and sacrifice of all who serve. Military jocks are

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