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Age: 56, Height: 6' 00" (183 cm), Weight: 165 lbs (75 kg), Body Type: slim, Ethnicity: white / european

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 USA  >>  Illinois  >>  Chicago  >>  Bronzeville

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Sincere, warm, jolly, smart, confident, reliable & passionate for friendship or serious relationship with marriage potential Hi, I 'm Trent. I should explain that I am not looking for a long-distance relationship, though I think we can get to know each other at first that way. No matter where I find my soul-mate, I want to live with you and share our lives together. I hope I will be staying in the Philippines for several weeks this summer. If you send me a message, I can send you my contact information so we can email, chat in YM or talk on the phone. I am very curious person, honest, interested in many things, science, politics, human nature, I love to read books about engineering and the story of how challenges were overcome. I love music and play the piano, compose songs sometimes, enjoy outdoor explorations, making things. I want a marriage that is not cut off from the rest of the world, or from friends and family . . . I like to be ourselves wherever we go, just be open and free and friendly with everyone, not hide away by ourselves (only sometimes, hehe). I should say that I am not religious; I believe the bible was written by men for different reasons, some sincere, some with ulterior motives. I also think religion does more harm than good in the world. I don 't expect you to have the same views, of course, as long as we can talk about something so important to the meaning of life. Only thing I 'm wary of is when somebody 's beliefs are insensible to reason and experience. As long as you use your own mind and sense of right and wrong, and you 're curious to explore and understand, that 's all I want, so we can share the most meaningful things together. The most important thing is that both people can rely on the other to be as honest and caring in their actions as he would long for the other to be towards him. I would be interested in meeting someone like I really enjoy people with an affectionate or mischievous sense of humor. I want to share a mutual deep comfort and trust with a person. If you 're honest, warm, genuine, curious about life, intelligent, and have a good heart, maybe we 'll like each other a lot. I understand some cannot afford to make international calls, but whatever you can do to make our communication work in the beginning counts for a lot with me. Both of us have to take care for the fledgling seedling of our early connection. All these things, and emotional openness (I know it can take time to open up, of course) are some of the things I think about, but it 's impossible to say in advance because everybody is different and you can 't always imagine who you will love until you discover them. I think I would like someone who thinks of adopting children, or who is open to the idea, even though I 'm not sure about this yet. So if you think maybe you will like me, I hope you will give a chance I will like you too, even if I didn 't think of the individual things about you. Personally I think we give the best chance to discover each other if we leave a lot of sex talk or flirting for later when we know each other as full human beings better (if, from time to time, we can 't help ourselves from expressing those feelings a little, that 's natural and ok, too, of course, hehe, just shouldn 't be too much too soon). If we both feel relaxed, good, warm and trusting, have a lively interest in each other, and become close by just talking with each other, then that can be a foundation to build all the other good things. In romance I am nurturing and affectionate, playful, emotionally open and intimate, confident, very passionate when we share something intensely, and I am versatile, but I am more towards being a top -- but I also think those things are unique and newly created as two people discover each other. We can explore and do anything as sweet, or as wild and purely horny, as we want! I hope you send me a message or let me know your interest.

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